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A cup of steaming coffee, a thrilling book to read next to  the fireplace while the storm rages outside, is truly a cozy picture. Alternatively, imagine the whole family huddled in the warm kitchen with hot coffee cups in hand in a, cold wintry, evening. Picture changes and now you just insert the brand new Nespresso capsules into the Nespresso le cube machine and hey presto you have your cup of specially brewed coffee. Welcome to the new plush world of coffee drinkers, who can spend a small fortune to sip on the exclusively flavored beverage.

What is this Nespresso le cube? It is 'the' machine that features handsome George Clooney in its first commercial. Balanced, mysterious, unique, delicate body, stronger, dark, intense, rich, very rich, sensual are some of the terms used in the commercial to describe this coffee experience. Frankly, the terms seemed equally applicable to the dominant protagonist - George Clooney! The celebrity simply walks into the Nespresso boutique and slips in a coffee capsule into the machine and presses the button. The dark beverage gracefully flows into the cup held in the actor's hand, soon after.

The machine is a product from the famous Nestle house and comes with its own set of specially flavored and packed coffee capsules. Ever since the first machine the company has come out with newer models and increased variety of aromatic coffee capsules. The various new models from Nespresso le cubes are named Pixie, Citiz, Lattissima and Essenza; while competitors have come out with more fresh models that are compatible with the original company's capsules. The coffee is brewing richer and wealthier in quality while the market is simmering in this particular product.

The Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum- each capsule is sealed with the finest ground Grand Cru coffee and is uniquely colored for each flavor. Now as, the capsule is inserted into the slot it gets perforated, and the pressurized hot-water  flows through the capsule. The controlled temperature and pressure within the machine keeps the precious aroma intact while it brews the beverage and pours it out. This clever Nespresso le cube machine allows you to pick your favorite Grand Cru coffee and have it made in front of you in a jiffy.

How to make vanilla hot and cold coffee

Prepare two cups of Nespresso coffee with two Volluto capsules and pour in a tall cold glass. Prior to this make the milk froth with liquid caramel and keep aside, cover the cold glass of coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then top it up with 3 tablespoons of milk froth. Enjoy the lip-smacking dessert.

How to make iced peach coffee

Pour the two cups of Livarto capsule's coffee into the glass with the star anise; let it absorb the flavor for 5 minutes. Now mix this coffee in a shaker with ice cubes and a Tablespoon of peach syrup. Serve it in a large glass after shaking it vigorously and finally top up with milk froth, more peach syrup, and hazelnut or almond flakes.

This single cup dispensing coffee making machine is creating quite a stir, and the coffee drinking graph is simply going north. What could be more convenient than to own a Nespresso coffee maker to drink your own special cup of this dark beverage? Simply pure, delicious rich coffee in a finger-snapping moment, what else!

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