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Are you a coffee addict? Do not be dismayed since that's one of the qualities you will probably ever share with the 'A' list celebrities! I'm talking to Britney Spears, Claudia Schiffer and the ageless Cameron Diaz, who have never passed a photo op without that plastic cup bearing their favorite froth dangling from their 'royal' hands.

Coffee is easily addictive, and it is largely due to its caffeine levels but also that sweet-smelling  aroma that one just cannot pass in the morning. There are different strong coffee brands in the world market, and some have easily beaten the local brands to become the superior brand in the coffee world. Indeed if, you were to ask unusual coffee drinkers what their favorite brand is you will end up with as many diverse responses as there are brands. Most of the reasons for these answers have nothing to do with the taste of coffee but the establishments which are known to deal with them.

Most coffee critics point out that the type of coffee bean used is what determines if the strong coffee brand is  popular. Small details like the color of the coffee bean, the size as well as the aroma has to be considered in making successful coffee brands. They are very important details.

In no particular ranking order, let's start with the 'Starbucks' coffee brand which is one of the most popular in the USA. Starbucks has been known to pull a mammoth crowd with attributing this phenomenon to its well rounded balanced taste as well as the color of the bean used in roasting this coffee blend. Others simply think the establishment has a posh ambience which is what pulls coffee drinkers in large numbers, but whatever the case is, Starbucks is a brand to reckon with this situation. It also helps that the Starbucks strong coffee brands have been greatly promoted in Hollywood movies as the brand of choice and in typical movie fashion everyone will want to be identified with what is 'popular'.

'Folgers' and 'Nescafe' brands are also popular strong coffee brands with coffee drinkers attributing their success to their distinct blends as well as the aroma. Folgers, for instance, is known to have a variety of blends thus offering consumers the ability to choose from different flavors. It also helps that they have a vigorous marketing and advertising campaign, which helps in, pushing its popularity further. The Nescafe brand is famous for its rich aroma, and this has enabled this brand to penetrate deeply into the world market with extraordinary results.

From the Netherlands, 'Douwe Egberts' is perhaps their most popular export strong coffee brands, and it has managed to become a household in most European nations. This coffee brand is known to have a variety with decaffeinated or regular and black more exotic coffee blends.

Other strong coffee brands are known as the specialty brands, and they are found mostly in local markets where coffee establishments are known to diversify into blending their own coffee. These include the hugely popular Nespresso, Bocajava and Kona coffee among other coffee brands.

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