How to make a fake beard with coffee grounds

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It doesn’t have to be Halloween for kids – and adults – to don some fancy dress and have fun. Birthday parties, housewarming parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties are just a few opportunities to indulge in costume fantasy for a few hours of enjoyment and escape.

Costumes can be hired or bought relatively cheaply; but some like to make their own fancy dress from household items. Some areas of the desired costume though might require some ingenuity though, for example creating fake facial hair for a pirate costume.

It might not be obvious but some ground coffee brands actually lend themselves really well to the whole fancy dress concept; whether it is discussing costume ideas with friends over a delicious cup of coffee or imbibing a caffeine hit to help sharpen the mind for the design and creation of a killer costume, coffee can’t be underestimated and can be useful beyond its’ intended purpose.

Using coffee grounds to make a fake beard

291545374a3c1f20bedfafcaa058fa9dCreating a fake beard using coffee grounds is really a very simple process and all that is needed is some coffee grounds, a skin-safe adhesive and a little time to apply the adhesive and coffee grounds to the face for a perfect and authentic-looking beard appearance.

Suitable adhesives include liquid latex, spirit gum, eyelash glue and vaseline. All are perfectly safe to be used on the skin and are readily available from most pharmacies; while there is a wide choice of ground coffee brands to choose from at any supermarket or corner-store, although for any prolonged wearing of a fake beard made with coffee grounds it might be best to stick to less strong coffee grounds because of the coffee smell which could become unpleasant to the wearer after a time.

Having washed and dried the skin, the way to creating a fake beard is to then apply a thin layer of the adhesive compound to the skin and then pat the area where the beard will be with the coffee grounds which will in turn stick to the adhesive on the skin to create that fake-beard look.

Then once the party is over, the coffee grounds and adhesive can be safely and simply washed off with some warm soap and water to restore the pre-beard look.

Other natural fake beard options if coffee won’t do

Not everyone likes coffee, perhaps of the pungent, powerful smell of the stuff and some might prefer an alternative to dabbing coffee grounds onto their skin. Coffee grounds are acidic and some people with sensitive skin might experience a reaction to having coffee powder smeared onto their skin.

For those who do suffer from sensitive skin and want to employ the coffee grounds method it would be best to test the method on a small area of skin first to ensure there’s no irritation.

If irritation is experienced, the same method can still be employed using other substances such as tea leaves or cocoa powder, but again it is wise to check for irritation from alternative substances ahead of time.

Buy a fake beard

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to paint their faces with any foodstuffs there is a wide range of fake beards and mustaches available to buy that will blend in with any costume whether the costume calls for a goatee beard, a full wizard’s beard or a fake beard and mustache combined.

Cost of a fake beard of course varies and perhaps won’t be an ideal match for the costume or look authentic. But with a wide choice of styles, colors and of course cost then buying a fake beard is a straightforward alternative.

Crafting a fake beard

For those crafty enough to utilize household items in their costume design, there are several ways to make a fake beard using a host of common items that can be found in old closets, drawers or elsewhere around the home. Such household items could include an old wig, a ball of crepe wool, some old carpet pile or even the hair of a long-forgotten Barbie doll.

All of these can prove a suitable donor for some fake beard wizardry and with a little time and some crafting skills, making a fake beard from such materials found around the house can deliver a good-looking solution and enhance any costume that requires some fake facial hair!



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