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Espresso is the major source of caffeine in the world due to its delivery of more than 50 percent of the entire caffeine consumed daily. It is a popularly used stimulant beverage made from the roasted seed of espresso plant. It is most often a beverage that can be used universally and currently experienced by many individuals across different social strata in the world in terms of Lavazza Rossa. Espresso is prepared in daylight thereby decreasing the characteristic coffee but improves the yields. It is graded by color, density, condition, size, imperfections and duration for every 300g. Although coffee is mouthwatering and more powerful than common drip, it cannot be compared to espresso. Espresso a powerful and darkish beverage made from highly roasted coffee beans. Coffee is always interred and cropped with other foodstuff crops such as rice, beans or corn during its first years of cultivation.

Espresso is usually smuggled from Mocha Arab port and transported to East Indies and Ceylon for cultivation. It is the base for other available coffee beverages such as Americanos, Macchiato, Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte. It is divided into two categories; Robusta and Arabica. Lavazza rossa is moderately roasted espresso with a blend of 30 percent of Robusta and 70 percent of Arabica beans.

Arabica is characteristically the best quality coffee bean. It offers ageless and sleek finish to your coffee. Developed in central of the United States and Brazil, Arabica is a reasonably priced bean. Arabica is the foundation of entire range of top quality coffee available in the market today due to its complete physique and prosperous flavors. The bean also has a delicate taste as well as its capability to be applied to enhance the sweetness of the whole coffee body when used in blends.

Arabica is usually used in high quality espresso such as connoisseur and estate blends. It can be utilized in pure form or used due to the blending of espresso base with Robusta. The robusta has a good taste and is normally used to provide flavor to Lavazza Rossa. Coffee is quite rich with caffeine information and requires less coffee base for preparing a pot of espresso. Robusta is applied to prompt espresso for which the espresso responds well by blending due to its high caffeine level.

Arabica usually fetch a higher price than Robusta. Therefore, it is considered to be among the best in the market and is more preferred to Robusta. Robusta is hardier which makes it cheaper and easier for farmers to grow. However, Robusta is confronted by challenges such as competition with other non-native vegetation, recreational activities and urban development. Robusta can never be consumed by itself because of its acidic and bitter taste. Robusta beans are roasted separately in order to preserve the sweet flavor characteristics of their origin while making Lavazza Rossa. They are roasted to high temperature levels that make them change physically and produce during the tastes. Bean is usually green but is roasted to attain a brown color that many people are familiar with.

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